2 Conversion Rate Optimization Myths That Will Cost You Dearly

Conversion rate optimization can certainly boost online sales significantly when executed properly but many website owners end up wasting valuable time and resources on bad strategies, or myths. Here are the two biggest conversion rate optimization myths that waste people's time and money:

  1. Rewriting the Copy will Fix Everything
  2. Split Testing is the Key to Success

When a website owner rewrites a sales page, they are actually performing conversion rate optimization which is a very systematic process for eliminating conversion problems. Now to be sure, the copywriting could be suppressing conversions but scrapping everything and starting from scratch is a very inefficient way to optimize your landing page. And yet, this is precisely what most website owners do when they attempt to perform a website optimization by themselves.

The right way to optimize a landing page is to use heat mapping analysis that tracks mouse movement. This will show you the weak areas of your copywriting PLUS other on page factors like UI features, etc. that might be suppressing conversions. This simple but highly effective optimization strategy allows you to keep what works and only rewrite what isn't working. This lowers your copywriting, coding, and uploading costs while allows you to optimize your conversions instead of starting all over again with brand new copy.

And website split testing is a vital tool in any successful website optimization project but most people use it incorrectly. When used properly, split testing is a tool that helps verify a successful revamp of copy, design, and anything else that needed changed on the landing page. Unfortunately, many people "assume" they know where the problem is and just start randomly split testing things like the headlines, subheaders, and bullet points. In most cases, however, landing page components like headlines, subheaders, and even most bullet points aren't "conversion tools" at all so split testing them will not raise conversions in the least.

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In truth, website optimization often includes many components outside of copywriting to successfully boost online conversions, such as:

  • Modifying the Sales Funnel or Business Model
  • Adding or Removing UI Features
  • Adding More CTA's to Boost Secondary Conversions
  • Revamping Page Layout and / or Design

So what is the best way to complete a landing page or even full website optimization project and avoid doing unnecessary work? Well, first you need to conduct thorough website traffic analysis to isolate all of the on-site conversion problems. Next, you need to fix these problems in a systematic fashion where you fix the largest conversion issues first and move down to the secondary issues in other projects. Finally, you employ website split testing to make sure your new landing page outperforms the original and to identify any additional issues.

Of course, this brief overview of conversion rate optimizationation can't possibly provide you with the details and information to successfully complete yourself but I hope it helps clarify why rewriting the copywriting or just split testing won't get the job done for you. But when executed correctly, a successful optimization can boost conversions by 100% or more so its well worth the investment to hire a conversion rate optimizationation specialist to complete the project for you.

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