5 Benefits of Market Segmentation

When you write an email to your customers you should be addressing each one individually. How can you do this? By segmenting your customers into groups that have similar problems, likes and dislikes.

Then when you write to a group, or segment, you picture in your mind that you are speaking to just one person across the table. You know what this person's main problem is and how you can help them solve that problem with your information, or with one of your products.

1. Keeping Your Message Relevant

Everything you send to your customers or prospects should be relevant to their specific emotional needs and challenges. You also need to know that the materials you send out are reaching the right people.

Creating a sales funnel – a simple marketing system that is used to track customers as they proceed from being a prospect to a lead, then to a customer and finally a repeat buyer – helps you see where each person stands within your organization.

2. Maintain Smaller Subsets of Your Business

Market segmentation is also used along with a sales funnel. This marketing strategy divides your customer base even further. You may have smaller subsets of businesses, or country of residence. You might put customers in categories depending on their interests or common needs. Market segmentation is just a workable strategy to effectively target your customers.

3. Address the Specific Needs of a Customer Group

An email you send to a prospect is going to be different from one you send to a customer. Your customer's email may not resemble one sent to your subscribers. Emails sent to repeat customers at the end of the sales funnel will look vastly different from the emails you send to everyone else on your list. With so many different needs, it is easy to see why a working sales funnel and marketing segmentation strategy are important.

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4. Relevant Communications in a Timely Fashion

Segmentation allows you to send out relevant materials in a timely manner. By using an autoresponder, you can easily send relevant messages to everyone on your list, based upon whatever criteria you have used to categorize them. Autoresponders like segmentation, and using one just makes your job so much easier.

While email campaigns are a great place to use both your sales funnel and segmentation strategies, you should never overlook your customers' personal needs in your other marketing campaigns.

5. Write Content Tailored to Your Audience

It is perfectly acceptable to write blog content specifically tailored to the needs of your audience. You can write different blogs to accommodate the various levels of your audience; this allows more readers to find just what they want, and in a timely manner.

Social media sites also allow you the opportunity to tailor your relevant content to your audience. Think about your audience when you write posts on forums or blogs. Always write to your current audience. The more people you can reach with your words, the more traffic you will see on your own pages.

Finally, while it is important to make all content relevant in whatever form of media you are using, tailoring each to fit your clients, it is more important to add a call to action to every post, blog, or email you write. Overlooking this simple step means you lose out on valuable traffic. It's important that you let your reader know what to do to follow-up on what you have just written.

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