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5 New Search Marketing Tools – And Yes They're Free

As an SEO & SEM consultant, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my productivity and effectiveness. In this quick post, I'd thought I'd share 5 tools that are making my life a heck of a lot easier.

  1. SEO Digger: My top fav right now, this innovative tool allows you to see which search queries you are ranking in the top 20 Google results for. According to the SEO Digger site, here's how it works: "Seodigger works by building a reverse index. The first 20 SERP results are saved from 60 million search requests. Then, a" backward index "of the search engine is built, linking sites with keywords these sites can be found by. " For me, the tool is useful because it shows me keyword phrases that I haven't intentionally optimized for, but present a great opportunity for capturing good traffic with a little work.
  2. Google AdPreview: A godsend for PPC marketers, this tool allows you to see ads as they appear to the normal Google visitor performing a search. (typically your AdWords ads don't appear for your own searches when you are logged in). You can also change your geographic location in order to preview local ads as someone would in other part of the world.
  3. SEO Book's Firefox Plugin: This is the one Firefox plugin I can't live without. The plugin shows 22 SEO metrics directly on the Google SERP, including incoming links, PageRank, Technorati Rank, Domain age, and more. You can also right click on any webpage and look at these same metrics at a glance.
  4. Google Sets: This Google labs tool is a great way of generating related keyword ideas. Basically, you enter a few keywords, and Google generates a list of related search terms. While the regular Google Keyword tool also generates keyword suggestions, Google Sets takes into account more than just one keyword phrase at a time.
  5. AdCenter Keyword Mutation Tool: Microsoft AdCenter's keyword mutation tool is great for finding misspellings.

Source by Justin Palmer

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