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5 Useful SEO Tips

Developing a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website alone cannot make a website successful. Marketing and promoting it in a right manner also makes a lot of difference. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to increase website's traffic and number of visitors. Here are some useful tips every SEO professional should keep in to consideration while using SEO strategy for his website.

1.Keyword Research- This is the most important step before implementing SEO techniques on the website. Extensive research over the internet can help in using relevant kinds of keywords for the website. SEO professionals can help in analyzing and researching the market and the competition before using the keyword. There are many useful tools also available such as Google Keyword Tool, Google Insight and Google Suggestions. This helps in getting detailed report on keywords popularity across different geographies.

2.Content – It is another right way of boosting traffic of the website. Hiring a skilled freelance writer with the knowledge of SEO can help in making a website successful. SEO based content writing is an original and effective way of bringing in more readers and visitors to the website. A nicely created content contains the right balance of the keywords usually 5% to 6%.

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3.Web Page Optimization- One more necessary guideline is the page optimization. Search engines crawl the HTML of the web-page, hence it is important to use the keywords in Title, Description and add relevant and appropriate keywords in the keywords area. Also, use the H1 to H6 using the keywords. While placing images it is also required to include Alt Tags as they also boost search results.

4.Article submission- Another way of improving website traffic can be writing articles and Press releases for the website. Promoting the products and services can help in bringing target customers to the website. Submitting the articles to many popular article directories and press releases or news websites can also help. It is a cost-effective way for promoting a website as these directories are Free and allow unlimited postings. This helps the website gets crawled by the search engines after the posting gets live which increases the ranking of the website. Here also right kind of keywords, tags and anchor text can help in bringing more and target visitors.

5.Social Bookmarking – This is one of the most popular way of boosting your website traffic. Joining social bookmarking websites like dig, delicious etc. can help in bookmarking personal articles and press releases and share them with connections to promote product and services. These websites are very well optimized and are crawled by search engines every day. It always good to post promotional articles and blogs there as they get crawled by Google frequently.

I hope these tips and ideas would help a SEO freelancers in boosting search engine rankings. Please provide feedback and suggestions on the same.

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