7 New Sites to Consider for Your Resume and Online Profile

Experts today believe that an online profile is preferred by prospective employers rather than traditional resumes. However, job seekers would also need a solid resume during their hiring process. Fortunately there are several new websites today that allow you to make the best of both worlds. Given below is a list of 7 new sites that you should consider:

1. DoYouBuzz: Another great new website, DoYouBuzz allows you to create a powerful resume with a strong focus on SEO, great templates and features for importing LinkedIn profiles. Members can select from a free version or a paid version, depending on their needs.

2. WP Resume: WP Resume is a simple plugin which allows you to make use of an existing site. It supports multiple CVs, offers great designs and layouts and drag drop order of various resume elements. The plugin also allows you to output as plain text and paste the same into various job applications.

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3. CVCertify: This new website is a free service which allows job seekers to certify literally every part of the resume. The website has a patented tool which can be used for verifying the qualifications of the user. Users can have a ProofSheets, which is a list of all their validated claims along with contact information of verifiers.

4. SkillSniper: This great new site allows you to create a free online profile or a skill profile. A skill profile allows faster matching abilities. The database on the site includes thousands of certifications, skills and software titles from which users simply have to select the ones that are most suitable for them.

5. Checkster's Talent Checkup: This is an online system for requesting confidential, constructive feedback on work performance from colleagues and peers. It allows users to identify their weaknesses and strengths through their connections so they can create a better profile.

6. iGrad Resume Optimizer: the technology offered by this online system allows job seekers to analyze jobs in order to determine the right keywords that they can use in resumes. It is a free tool which can be used by anyone.

7. Resume Everywhere: Once you upload your resume on this website, it will be listed on countless job sites and social networking sites for maximum exposure. The program can also synchronize every resume when you make changes to your profile. Users have full control over their online profile with this new system.

Source by Ricardo Lumbardo

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