7 Things You Can't Avoid for SEO in 2017

Search engine optimization, or SEO is the technique of optimizing a website in a way that it can be seen on the top of the search engines results like Google, Bing and Yahoo. By working on its internal and external features in compliance with the Google SEO rules, website owners can optimize their websites.

While the benefits of SEO are many, it isn't very easy. One needs to keep immense patience and stay updated with minute by minute industry happenings. It is for this reason, organizations hire internet marketing companies to outsource their SEO needs.

In this article, we've compiled a list of some SEO trends postulated by the top SEO companies that every digital marketer should follow to become successful.

Unique Content

As known, "Content is the king". Writing unique and quality content is the most important SEO tool for the digital marketers. The content should be relevant with a unique title. It should be original and fresh and not copied from other websites and blogs. Also, your content should have the right keywords in the right density according to the Google guidelines. The standard practice used in the SEO writing is to keep 3 to 4 percent keyword density. You should also add images in your content to make it more interesting, visually.

Target Geographical-Based Clients

In 2017, a new trend is at its dawn. Marketers will target their customers based on their geographical locations. With the rapidly evolving trends, and people using customized web searches, this is becoming a necessity for the digital marketing companies to follow SEO practices based on specific locations and preferences of their target audience.

Location based SEO will ultimately help business owners to optimize their website content based on certain specifications and ensure high ranking on SERPs. For this, business owners should specify geographical location of their organization and geo-specific meta tags on their website.

Long Tail Keywords

Keywords have been a key aspect of SEO practices over the years. However, there have been many changes in the last few years in the use of keywords and keyword density. While today keywords are still important, keyword density is no more a factor. Instead using long tail keywords are gaining more popularity and will prevail in the year 2017. Using lengthy keywords and phrases or organic keywords will be common for attaining maximum visibility in the search engines.

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Blogging is another common SEO trend used to enhance search rankings on popular search engines. Blogging and writing quality articles for platforms such as WordPress and Bloggers is a great way to improve brand visibility. With the help of blogging, businesses can target a broad spectrum of their audience. Text-based and video blogging will rise in the coming year.

Business Directories

Using business directories will greatly rise in the year 2017. Though this has been a popular SEO practice for businesses in the last few years, it'll still increase greatly. As SEO experts believe in creating links with business directories, both local and global, it will continue to enhance the visibility of their website considerably in the search engines.

Accommodate Customized Searches

It's a fact that search pattern of users greatly vary and depends on their like, dislikes, needs and behavior. In the coming year, business owners would need to understand these user patterns and fulfill their expectations accordingly. As a business owner, it is important to identify these personalized searches in order to rank high in the search engines.


Over the years, the face of SEO has transformed extensively. To keep up with the evolving trends, organizations can hire top SEO service provider companies. They can guide you in the most recent industry trends and optimize your website in such a way that it is ranked at top in the search engines.

Source by Arpita Singh

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