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An Appreciation of Roger C Parker – Writing Coach and Mentor

I came upon Roger C. Parker in January of 2009. Roger is a part of the Guerrilla marketing group who specializes in helping new authors become published and profitable. I chose him after investigating several Gorilla coaches. I instantly got the feeling of Roger being someone I could trust with my personal project and who would tell me exactly how to navigate in this crowded world of information.

I had the intent to publish a book based on my successful personal experience in learning to eliminate drugs and medical doctors from my life. Roger patiently read my written chapters and did an analysis. He believed the content was interesting but my chance of selling this book to a market beyond friends was small. He pointed out that I had no credibility on the internet or even enough in my local area to create sales of any magnitude.

First, Roger suggested that I needed to create recognized names around the idea. He suggested article writing for EzineArticles and joining the Twitter social network. I had heard of neither but followed his lead and began to write appreciations for all of the past and present doctors and mentors that taught me natural health principles and applications.

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With his coaching and writing skills being passed over to me I soon was writing regular articles and twittered all of them. I wrote 136 articles during 2009 and twittered 795 times. Now, in January of 2010 an amazing transformation has taken place. Roger has helped me to a pinnacle of recognition I never dreamed existed.

The name Bill Tallmon occupies the top spot in the Google toolbar search. My website Embracing Nature came from 20 pages back to the number one spot for that name. I am amazed how good mentoring skills can point someone to a credible position in such a short time.

Roger showed me how to organize with mind maps, how to write and publish one page newsletters, how to create titles, lists and guidelines to help me get read and organized. I am not there yet but without a doubt my position today is because of the guidance furnished me by Roger. I have this feeling I am on my way with a few tweaks. The single book has turned into many title potentials. There is always more to be done but the stage is set for the show. Whatever happens I appreciate Roger’s patience and guidance.

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