An Author Biography – Alexis Pena Goco


The youngest of five from step parents Leonardo Santos Goco and Lourdes Pena Goco. His parents graduated from the University of the Philippines with studies in medical sciences – his step father, in the field of Bacteriology; and his step mother in Pharmacy. He accredits his vivid way of seeing things and attention to detail to his step father, and his creativity to his step mother, who is also gifted in creative writing and the arts. Reminiscent events in his youth include Figure Skating lessons, Accordion lessons, Piano lessons – all of which included public performances.

What He Did Before His First Formal Publication:

Alexis started out maintaining his teenage diary filled with stories about his fears, insecurities, altered sobriety, poems, rough-drafting original ideas, his most inner likes and dislikes, random thoughts, dark thoughts, and most of all, well-kept secrets. He spent most of his time through these years thinking too much about what might happen under most any given circumstance, and this led to cultivating a very creative imagination.

"I enjoy art and painting including drawing various subjects, but especially the human form in oil, and water-based paint. Soft lead HB pencils arouse me to sketch. I have dabbled with clay and discovered a connection between drawing the two dimensional figure and Sculpting its form. Graphic arts became a genuine novelty when I discovered the impact of color, designed with simple elements, and a few words. Since then, design for me has evolved into a way to express issues in my life and the difficult things to communicate in words. I also enjoyed making social comments with design and this progressed into an egocentric use of self photos, incorporating myself as a design element. I completed a 2 year education and earned my Associates in Fine Art in 1994. " (web interview with Alexis Pena Goco 2008)

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Genre: Poetry

What He Has Written: Beautiful Poem (poem)

2006 published in a poetry anthology called "Timeless Voices" by Howard Ely

Key to Cease (poem)

2007 published in a poetry anthology called "Centers of Expression" by Noble House Never Look Up (poem)

2008 published in a poetry anthology by Howard Ely and resides now as a musical poem

Six Places (book / CD)

2007/2008 self published poetry art book and audio version

Reviving Fungus (short story)


Alexis realized that the art he has created up to this point in time, evolved with much resemblance to the current marketed products that he virtuosically has consumed for many years, such as with his musical outfit "Catanic Panic" which he furnishes with poems accompanied in music or his solo projects in poetry such as "Six Places" which is his first formal book publication that exhibits uncanny similarity to his pursue of eclectic books and collectibles that sit on display within the decor of his home. He decided to build the propaganda with his design talent and now markets and distributes to a modest readership. March 2008

Source by Arthur Neer

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