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Backlink Generator: How to Build Links With Images

Learning how to build links is a key step for bringing more traffic to your website. One major aspect of search engine optimization that many marketers ignore is optimizing their images. Images can drive traffic through image search and help you get relevant backlinks. If a government agency or a news site needs a picture of a product and your image shows up in search results, and you allow them to reuse your picture in exchange for a link, this can be a powerful way to build relevant links over time.

Find a good photographer who can take pictures for your website. You may also purchase images from stock photography websites such as and Include keyword-rich words in your image filename. Limit the number of images per page. Use high quality pictures to give your website visitors a reason to link back to your website and spread the word about your content.

If you have a small business, make sure your image filename includes your main local keywords. Use terms that describe what and where your company is located. This way your pictures will appear more user friendly in Google Image Search. Use common image file types such as PNG, JPG, and GIF. Search engines can't determine the text content of an image. That is why you need to use alt text or tags. Alt text is the text that search engines use to understand images.

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Make sure your pictures have a reasonable size. Images that are smaller than 1200 × 1200 and larger than 100 × 100 work best. If you want to link to images with text, your anchor text plays a key role in how your picture is ranked for keywords. For example, linking to a picture using a general term such ads "photo" or "image" doesn't give search engines much information on what the picture is about. The content surrounding the picture should match the content.

If you have taken pictures yourself, post your images on and include a link back to your website. Use bold tags or headings above or directly next to the image. If you have some really good pictures, you can use them as wallpapers and screensavers. Submit your work to specialized websites that sell wallpapers. This is a great way to gain exposure for your business and obtain high quality backlinks. Donate an image to Wikipedia and write a short description that includes a link back to your site.

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