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Books since times immemorial have been a rich source of knowledge, information and pleasure for the readers of all ages, cast and community. The IT revolution has affected all fields of our work sphere and books are no exception. There was a time when for buying a book an individual had to spend hours in a book store searching for a particular author's work or a new edition. Today the process has been simplified one can buy any book of any Indian or foreign writer with the click of a mouse button. There are a large number of Indian and international sites available on the internet where one can browse for the book of his or her choice. The availability of books over the internet is in huge numbers. There are books available on every area from administration, medical Sciences to thrillers and best sellers. It covers a wide range of audience from scholars, professionals, housewives to children.

To buy a book online people can visit the sites available and search for the book of their interest or choice. The user has to create a login account and can add the books to be bought to the cart. The payment can be made by credit card or through net banking .There are details enlisted about the books format, its author, publisher, year of publication and its cost along with the time taken for its delivery at your doorstep. It also gives a brief insight into the content of the book and its author helping the users to make the right choice. One can also look for books on different topics by mentioning the price range limit and avail various discounts offered on the books ranging from ten to fifty percent. An added advantage is that a buyer before making the choice can read the customer reviews of the book.

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Previously it was regarded that online book searching was mainly confined for deriving information about a particular book rather than for buying it. But today books have become most common online e-commerce item, there is nearly forty percent increase in online buying of books over the last two years. Buying books was never so easy and convenient with advantage of cost reduction and home delivery. There is also the option of availability of the book at all times of the day unlike a bookstore. The shipment of the book may take time but one can plan by placing the order early .Overall we can say that the trend for online buying of books is increasing with fast pace due to the convenience it provides to its users.

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