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Competitive Intelligence Report Template

The biggest worry of any business owner, whether you are running a large corporation or a small one-person business comes from the fear of not taking advantage of new innovations, methods and directions that will allow your competition to take more of your customers and resources . To gain an understanding of just how your competition measures up to your business, more owners are turning towards the competitive intelligence report template to gauge just how their rivals operate and how they can take advantage.

A competitive intelligence report template or PDF will allow you to accurately assess just how your competition is faring compared to your own, what techniques and methods they are using, what resources they have at their call and what directions they are pursuing. Often, you can gain a considerable advantage when learning about your competition since they are comprised of different mindsets and can show you methods, techniques or directions that you may never have fully realized.

For example, a few years ago few imagined that mobile devices would become the primary source of the internet connection for millions of people. However, those that saw the future trends took action by creating special mobile websites and garnered an entire new base of customers. Today, your business may be missing out on new trends, technology and methods that your rivals are using. If you take the time to utilize a competitive analysis report template, you will at the very least have the information in front of your which shows how your business stacks up against the competition.

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Good templates are simple and easy to understand which is natural since the idea is to create in simple terms the standing of the business you are evaluating. A two column template with medium sized font for easy reading is a good start. The more familiar you are with the templates, the more you can shape them to fit your needs.

Your template needs to start with the basics, the identity of the company you are evaluating, their mission statement and basic nature of their business. Then, you need to breakdown the rest of the template along the following lines.

Structure: The business structured in terms of their leadership, middle management and employees. Who are the key personnel and executives and how to they interact within the company.

Events: Their basic business history from when they began, but more important are their recent history of new directions, embracing new technologies and trends. All of this can usually be gleaned from their press releases and articles on their company.

Advertising: The location of their ads, whether they focus more on the internet, TV, radio or other media is fairly easy to research. It will show what they are pushing and what direction they are heading.

Performance: Their accomplishments, sales figures and achievements especially in the past year or two that shows what direction their company is heading. Cite their strengths and potential weaknesses as well.

From this information you should get a solid idea of ​​how your company stacks up to your competition, you should also offer a competitive intelligent sharepoint for every advantage you perceive their company having over yours which will provide further information.

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