Dedicated Servers Vs Shared Web Hosting

In comparison to shared web hosting, dedicated servers costs much more but the advantages that you can gain are much more significant. Dedicated hosting is a type of internet hosting in which clients get the whole server rather than any sharing. This ensures a complete freedom over the features like selection of operating system, hardware and other applications. Provider owns the server hardware and is also responsible for support regarding any technical issue on the server.

First thing that makes dedicated servers a superior selection as compared to shared web hosting is the stability and reliability. Though shared web hosting is managed properly but overload of users can disturb your business activities. Additionally, bad coding and use of irrelevant scripts on the server can also cause serious concerns. On the other hand you only install those desired application and software on your server which are the need of your business.

Secondly and perhaps the basic concern in this comparison is of security. In dedicated servers hosting you are the owner of entire server so no else will have access to your server. Most of web hosting companies offer dedicated servers with enhanced security features like external firewall. This helps you to further secure access rights in your server. In case of any problem company provides quick technical support which is also a strong point to consider. In managed dedicated servers chances of such issues remain very minimal and you enjoy the at most security.

On a dedicated server you can upgrade server features any time according to your business needs. In case you need additional bandwidth or looking for extra RAM company upgrades it within no time. You also have the choice of Linux or Windows operating system as well as the selection of Cpanel or Plesk control panel on your server. Whereas, in a shared accounts web hosting companies do not allow customers to upgrade specific features rather they have to upgrade the whole package.

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Most of the users fed up from shared hosting while they have to suffer from slow loading of sites. But this realization comes too late and it already costs their business substantial loss in terms of users. Another thing is the IP address assigned to each domain on shared server which remains a major issue in internet marking. All SEO gurus know a bad neighbor of your site on the same server having same IP address costs ranking as search engine never like this. To avoid this problem dedicated IP address is the only solution. If you are on a dedicated server with dedicated IP address you will always have your website up and quickly downloadable to your visitors. This will not only encourage your existing customers to refer your services to other people but you will also get better chances of ranking higher in search engines as compared to your competitors.

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