What Are the Differences Between Domain Names and Web Hosting?

What Are the Differences Between Domain Names and Web Hosting?

Give me 3 minutes, i’ll give you the truth about differences between domain names and web hosting

There are a lot of people who think that domain names and web hosting are one and the same and that they are just two different names for the same service. But that is not the truth and we would in the remainder of this article try to look at some of the differences between the two.

When you buy a domain name, you would basically get a domain name along with a starter web page that would have very little scope as far as the customization is concerned. But when you buy a hosting service, you get lots of things. Some of them are a free domain name, customized email, etc. There would also be some site building tools in the package along with some disk space that will help you in creating a website of your own. All these features are not available with the domain name but with the hosting service, you not only have all these features but also some e-commerce features.

Another differentiating factor is the price of these two online software building tools. One would have to pay anywhere between two dollars to thirty five dollars annually for seeking the domain name services but for the web hosting services, one would have to pay a lot more and that lot more would generally be in the range of eight to fifteen dollars a month. The price differentiation is quite understandable as the web hosting service has much more to offer when compared to domain name services.

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If you want the difference in a nutshell, then domain names are generally an identity for your website on the internet whereas web hosting is more than just an identity and it is very useful if you are into online business.

Web hosting and domain names generally go hand in hand and if you have intentions of building up your own website then it is recommended that you buy a hosting package along with the domain names. And if you are buying both of them, then buy then from the same provider rather than going for multiple providers.

Buying a domain name is like buying a residential address whereas buying web hosting is like renting in an apartment. There is a huge difference between the two and that is the same difference between hosting and domains. Like domain names, appropriate attention should also be given while choosing a hosting service if you want to be successful at your online venture.

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