E-Commerce Services – Introduction, Trend and Impact

Introduction: –

Electronic commerce is said as E-Commerce as it is the platform for doing business over the communication channel ie selling and buying movable and unmovable assets through electronic media, Internet is playing a great role in assisting and easy transactions for the e commerce activities. The latest communication gadgets like the cell phone also allows the users to access internet and transact online in terms of buying, selling, paying utility bills etc.Latest market study shows that that the use of E-Commerce services is growing day by day, since the internet users are increasing in mammoth numbers in the developing countries like India, China, Indonesia, Brazil etc.

The main aim of these services is to have hassle free business transaction with out the interaction of human, and this is getting promotion by the animation and graphics. By using better graphics the seller can display the product so well that, it is very easy to select and place order for the potential buyers. The biggest advantage of the online business is that a buyer need not interact in person with the seller and vice versa. Thus saving the precious time and physical infrastructure cost of the stakeholders.

Latest Trends: –

Search engines like Google have entered in the E-commerce by induction of new search solution for E-commerce. Definitely it can give great comfort to the potential buyers to search for online retailer of shopper as per their need and choice and will result in the better shopping experience. Search engines are also supporting e commerce services in terms of Search engine optimization services by which an online shopper can increase the ranking of their respective web site in the search listings.

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Presence of e-shopping directories is also making ease for the users to take easy reference of the online vendors or stores as per the specific choice of the users. All the major bank and payment gateways are supporting the e commerce transactions are of great help of concerned parties of business. Almost every banking and financial services institution is giving facility to its customers of online transactions and payments etc. Almost every food chain, Multiplex tickets, Railway tickets, Airline tickets are available via e commerce. This shows that the e commerce sector is on the growth oriented track.

Impact: –

By the growth of Internet and e-commerce the comfort of human life has become more luxurious. In fact in developed countries Internet is free and this resulted more and more use of internet and resulted in the exponential growth of e commerce services. Betterment in logistics and supply chain management has also a great contribution towards the growth and potential of these services.

Everything is having its own pros and cons, the cons of e commerce growth can be viewed in terms of growing number of online frauds, credit card authentication norms theft, banking password theft etc. A better approach in dealing with this cyber crime can overcome the problem. All the online stores must be brought under one regulatory umbrella and identification process of fraud web sites can yield in better results in terms of higher security to the transaction pages and will make the e commerce services more secure and relaxed.

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