Effective Tools to Fix the Content Duplication Problems

It is important for the search engine robots to understand the content on your website. If they are not readable or understandable the SEO problems start cropping up. Let's discuss the accurate tools to fix the content duplication problems.

  1. Siteliner

The search links or primarily Google do not appreciate the duplicate or irrelevant content. Siteliner helps to find out the broken links, duplicate content, internal content duplication and more. All these can harm a website. This tool helps to identify and at the same time also fix the broken lines or evaluate up to 250 pages every month. The best part is a different color is used to highlight the copied content which makes it easy to identify and replace.

  1. Site SEO Analysis

It is a free tool that can help you to review the entire website. You can get the entire site analysis with a score to decide where you need to work and increase the score. The Site SEO Analysis tool suggests you optimize page of the website based on social media, the structure of links, content, and more. You just need to enter the URL link to get a detailed analysis report of your website. The Meta tags, H tags, keyword, image quality, are all evaluated and a report is generated. The recommendations and suggestions for improvements can be received from the articles on this tool.

  1. Yoast

This tool helps in optimizing your web page content before publishing it. You can draft the content and check with the Yoast analysis page. This tool evaluates the information on the page and gives you a report on the meta description, keywords density, title, alt tags, flash reading test, outbound links, H tags, and more.

  1. SenSEO
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The Firefox add-on SenSEO tool checks the factor that is vital for the on page optimization standard and analyze if your site is fulfilling the required points set for that criterion. Such plugins are important to check multiple pages within a short frame of time and also get a picture of the competitors' site.

  1. Google DMCA

This tool enables you to find the copied content on the WordPress blog. When someone copies your content or blog and outshines your results is where the pain area is. When you file any such complaint, Google DMCA find it out and delete the post immediately and if it is added in a static site, the copied content is removed from web index by Google.

  1. Canonical URL

The most important factor for on page SEO is the canonical URL tag. When copied content or pages are created which are not rightly configured, the canonical URL tag can direct the search engine robots to the right indexed link.

  1. 301 Redirect

Setting up a 301 redirect from the duplicate page and linking it to the original page can avoid the content problem to some extent and thus, increase the SEO performance and search engine rankings.

Source by Moupriya Das

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