Escape 9-5, Live ANYWHERE and Join the NEW Rich – The Four Hour Work Week

Who are the new rich? Simply put, you and me if we take heed.

Rarely does a business book make me laugh out loud. I have to give Timothy Ferriss credit for his unique business and personal twists. The 4 Hour Workweek is both refreshing and provocative.

Fully embracing life both personally and professionally is something we all long to do. Ferriss does it and eloquently. From his world record Tango talents to National Championship in Chinese kick boxing (this tale alone is worth the purchase of the book. I am still laughing), Ferriss uses uncanny and unconventional business sense to pursue his passions.

I say "bravo!"

Not only has Ferriss successfully automated his business to support the lifestyle he chooses, he is out promoting this book like a pro. I've listened in to a couple of his interviews and am truly impressed.

By his own admission, promotion of the book is taking more than four hours per week. And at the same time, when not promoting, he has combined both the art and science of automation and outsourcing to cruise along on autopilot while he fearlessly enjoys life.

Aside from many maniacal outbursts of laughter while reading the book (which is a huge perk), I absolutely love his philosophies on escaping the 9 – 5 world. Ferriss strongly advocates living your live with a series of mini vacations. A notion that no doubt has traditionalist's heads spinning.

I am not going to share too much of the content because I really want you to read this yourself. So, here are five thoughts from the world according to Ferriss that really struck a chord.

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(1) The new rich are risk takers who negotiate lifestyles and work arrangements that truly suit their own needs in a symbiotic way for everyone involved.

(2) Retirement is a worst-case scenario and should be viewed as nothing more than a hedge against not being able to work.

(3) Examining the cost of inaction is just as important as examining the costs of action. Sometimes, not making a decision or taking action is much worse than imposing circumstances.

(4) Practice relaxing in public to get used to breaking free from the 9-5. Ferriss maintains you're likely to have daily grind withdrawal. So, it's important to simply learn to relax in public. His comfort challenge promotes not only thinking outside of the box but acting outside of the box. (You'll have to get the book to find out his techniques … absolutely hilarious!).

(5) Add life after you subtract work. People will get bored when they have more time on their hands. The key is to embrace the time and really start living, boldly living your dreams.

These are a few Ferrissisms I found particularly insightful and I assure you there are many more plus tangible tips, resources and plenty of content to make you go hmmmm …. I enjoyed this book so much that I will certainly read it again in my new found free time.

Source by Lisa Manyon

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