Facebook Ads: The Great Divider?

Facebook marketing provides a cost-effective opportunity for any business to reach their customers. The threshold for entry is so low – even $ 5 can start a campaign – that anybody can start up a campaign. It doesn't quite level the playing field given the differences in the size of budgets that businesses and individuals have to work with, but it does provide for more equality of opportunity than TV or radio advertising, right? Not necessarily.

It's certainly true that Facebook marketing is financially accessible to more people than forms of traditional advertising, but that's only part of the story. Facebook marketing creates another form of inequality, one that is as important as the financial gap in more traditional methods of advertising. It's a gap that marketers ignore at their peril.

That is the copy gap. Copy is always important. It's how companies convey their messages to potential customers. It's the way in which they illustrate how their product or service will solve a problem for customers.

In traditional marketing, though, there's a margin for error. To be sure, it's not ideal to take advantage of that, but it's there. For example, if a company takes out a half page ad in a newspaper and wastes 10% of the space, it's a mistake, but it can still succeed. If a TV ad is 30 seconds and 5 seconds don't help with the sale, again, it's a mistake, but there are 25 seconds to make up for it.

Facebook marketing is different. Facebook ads are small. They absolutely must include an eye-catching image. They must also have copy that's compelling enough to get those who view the ad to click on it.

Given that the users of the site see countless ads on every visit, it's not surprising that click through rates are typically very low. Even seemingly small differences in click through rates make huge differences in ROI, though. It's very easy for Facebook marketers to blow through their budgets while barely getting any clicks – if any at all.

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to get your product in front of a targeted audience, but only if your message is compelling. Do not make the mistake of so many Facebook marketers and think that it's easy to create an ad because the copy is so short. To the contrary, the copy is more important because it is so short.

Getting the perfect message to the ideal audience is the key to Facebook success. Failing to do so means that you'll end up wasting a lot of money on ads without any success. Invest time in creating your ads to make sure that they maximize the space allowed. Get lazy with that and it will show up in your results – or lack thereof.

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