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Are you in need of some fashion inspiration? With the change in seasons comes a change in wardrobe, and if you're wondering how to style yourself this fall, Tumblr may just be the place to look. Whether you would like to become a fashion blogger yourself; and share your passion for style with others, or just soak up the millions of trend worthy photographs being reblogged over and over, Tumblr is an easy and addictive way to get your fashion fix.

New fashion Tumblr blogs pop up daily, and many designers and boutiques, including Kate Spade and Elle Magazine, use Tumblr as a platform to reach their fans on a personal level, sharing behind the scene photos and inspirations in a casual blog. Lady Gaga even joined in on the fun, creating her own Tumblr to show off some of her favorite costumes, has thousands of avid followers. Even if that sort of thing is not your style, once you login to Tumblr you literally have millions of pictures at your fingertips, and who says you have to be inspired by fashion only? You will find a spectrum of categories where people like you (and people not like you!) Share pictures of food, flowers, buildings, cartoons … Anything you can think of! Tumblr allows you to be a part of a world of inspiration you may have never known existed. You will find new obsessions and muses, as well as inspire others all over the world.

Once you create a Tumblr blog, you can host your own photos publicly or privately, as well as search and browse through thousands of other blogs or posts so fast you will have to "like" everything you see so you can remember it. Anything you "like" will be put in a link for you to return to, kind of like a whole other blog in itself! Otherwise, you can reblog people's photos, and share links directly from many websites or mobile devices! Tumblr has a strongly linked system of tags, or descriptive phrases or words, which help you find the images, videos, audio and text you are looking for. When you tag your own photos it helps you keep track of them for reference, as well as helping other people find them, and your blog! You can even ask questions to your followers, and receive messages and even reader submissions! Tumblr's fashion world is always growing, become a part of it!

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