Forex Robots – Artificial Intelligence Employed For Forex Megadroid, FAP Turbo and Ivybot Robots

Money trading at foreign exchange market is very lucrative only when experience and skill weighs over new trading machines. This can be an old saying in the 21st century with the invention of various automated robots which are programmed to trade the financial exchange market. Yes, now its not just you and me but even robots are involving in currency trades. With such ground breaking technology, we hardly need to rely on a broker to do our trading. Of course a stock exchange broker's guidance is valuable but it comes with a heavy price.

Forex has a introduced many automated trading robots at the foreign exchange market. The robots are equipped with AI – artificial intelligence, which has the ability to analyze past market patterns and foresee changes and thus invest only in possible profitable trades. These are tested in both demo and live modes to check the accuracy, trading, possible profits and loss.

Here we are going to weigh features of the Forex Megadroid, FAP Turbo and Ivybot robots:

Forex megadroid – suits first timers / beginners and needs a capital of 1 $. Easy to install and trades only in EURO / USD with 94% accuracy.

FAP Turbo – uses meta trader 4 platform for trading efficiently and employs VPS- Virtual Private Server for offline trading while you have switched off your computer with some extra charge for hoisting. Requires assistance while installing the software from Forex customer care. Trades only in EUR / CHF with an initial capital of 50 $ and 96% accuracy.

Ivybot – suits all kinds of traders. Installation is hazel free and uses EA- Expert Advisor for optimum profits. It has four robots in one software and each robot trades one currecy pair: EUR / USD, USD / CHF, EUR / JPY and USD / JPY with 98% accuracy and free weekly updates.

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The other top automated robots from forex are Boomerang, Funnel, Tracer and Maestro.

Forex megadroid, FAP Turbo and Ivybot come with a 60 day money back guarantee after purchase. It is advisable to try trading both in demo mode and live accounts during the 60 day period to experience the working of these robots.

Source by Nicole Anne Smith

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