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Funny Motivational Posters Vs Demotivational Posters

If you are an avid internet user, you surely have stumbled upon the thick black bordered posters with witty captions at least once in your lifetime, either on a search engine results page, some website or maybe at someone's home or office. These Motivational posters or Demotivational posters or Demotivators have gone viral over the years and are commonly used almost everywhere for motivational purposes and to pass on Humor.

No one knows where this trend originated, but it started off as Motivational Posters, which were actually supposed to provide Motivation through a sense of humor. As time progresses, these funny motivational posters became demotivators and demotivational posters. Now if you notice, 99% of all posters are demotivational with a really witty sense of humor. They are offensive many a times. Sarcasm was the best key to really spread the laughter, these sarcastic motivational posters are the ones that actually make the old boring motivational posters funny.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine and can psychologically cure all ailments. It is a good practice to sticky these posters at your workplace or home just to lighten up your day upon seeing them. Now what is your taste is surely your concern but these posters are available in all niches, namely animals, sarcasm, offensive, racist, fake, etc …

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The fact that demotivational and funny motivational posters have become one of the most highly successful internet memes, you will never be short of new ones on the web. Just a Google Image search of any such motivational poster related keyword will give you thousands of images. A search a week later will give you many new ones as well, this meme is so widely practiced that people make demotivational posters of the tiniest things like a bent tree, a rock, a kitten or cat (lolcats), a man walking, etc … or just about absolutely anything.

Some sites allow you to create these posters or you can just do it in paint or any such application. The ideology is simple, it should have a thick black border containing the main caption in a larger font along with a witty statement below it in a smaller font. After creating one you can just upload it to anywhere you want, share it among your friends through Facebook or MySpace or just socially bookmark it. These demotivators go viral quickly and sometimes are the best way to pass a strong message across the web in just a single line with an image.

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