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Google Authorship Markup for Better SEO

What exactly it is?

It is a Google's method of attributing content to original authors. Google provides the authorship markup way to claim the absolute ownership of your content on the internet. It's been working around 2011 but recently most of the bloggers and website owners are now seeing the actual benefits of Google authorship markup.

It gives you higher visibility and absolute ownership which could lead to increase your identity and click through rate in organic search results.

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How do I set up?

There are basically two ways to do the Google authorship markup for your website or blog. The easiest way is to connect Google+ link on your website along with the contributor link on your Google+ profile.

You can add your Google+ profile link on the footer of the home page or paste it on the bottom of every blog post. There is a about section in your Google+ profile where you can add your contributor link to complete the authorship markup process. Google displays the same image in the search results which is available on your Google+ profile.

Use the Structural data testing tool provided by Google to check the status that the process is implemented properly or not.


Higher Visibility: It is the best way to increase the identity and relevancy of your content on the Internet. It helps to increase the organic search results and attract visitors which could lead to increase the click through rate of your content. Visitors attract with the results who has image and ratings below its title.

Relevancy: It gives the perfect relevancy of the content on Internet. Also add ratings of the post or the content below the title of the results to show visitors the accurate ratings or votes on the content of the website or blog.

Better Ranking: Use this method for better rankings of the blog or the website on the search results. Google gives credit to the websites having Google authorship markup because Google finds these websites more authentic and relevant for the users.

Finally, use Google authorship markup for better rankings and higher visibility on the search engines and display the owner image in the search results. Google provides the complete process of setting the authorship markup on the website or blog on Google support help center. It is a great method for better search engine optimization known as SEO and to get high rankings on search engines.

Source by Vivek Yadav

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