How Do I Create a Web Page For Free?

Over the past 12-18 months we have seen the functionality of modern day browsers increase to match the number of people connecting online, this has resulted in a flood of ways for you to build your own web page for free online. Hand coding XHTML and CSS stylesheets is at the hard end of this spectrum, ending with the use of free website builders at the other, easy end, of the spectrum.

When creating a free web page through a free website builder you are entering a very slick sales funnel and although it looks like an easy process you will be limited in your choices until you start paying some money out of your pocket. The designs, for instance, are usually limited to a few dozen, extra functionality costs and sometimes you can not even get your data back if you decide to switch to another service.

The path we are going to take is slightly more complex, however it is a much more rewarding way to build your own web page in the long run. If XHTML and CSS coding scare you, or if you have never heard of them before, never fear! You do not need those ninja coding skills here. Even without getting into the coding you will still have full control over your web page.

This system comprises just three simple steps. First up you will get your thinking cap on, and figure out exactly what you want out of your web page, this is the planning step. Next up we need to find somewhere you can actually put your web page, this is the web hosting step. Lastly, we will install what is called a Content Management System that allows you to write content using an easy online editor, you can even change the theme of your web page and add special plugins to make your site more interactive.

Measure twice, cut once. Keep that in mind when planning your free web page. The plan is generally dictated by the type of web page you are making. Two important keys to consider are the design and the function of the site. The most common categories which determine this are: personal, business, hobbyist, blog and money making type sites.

For the business website you will probably want a page for each of your products or services, some contact information, a page about your company and you might want a news section that you can update when you have something to announce.

The Personal type websites are a little harder to plan out in the beginning because the content is sporadic and spur of the moment. But at least try and keep your free web page to a particular theme.

The Hobby based websites usually include a lot of links and lists of resources, you will also want to paraphrase main ideas in your area of ​​interest. Blogs are updated regularly so you will need to pick a few topics of interest that you can write about at least once a week.

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I can not do the whole make money online niche justice in this article. So if your core focus is to make money from your free web page you will need to continue with more research after reading this article.

Put all your ideas down on paper, we will come back to them later, but right now it is time to get a hosting account for your web page.

Simply browse through the category: "Total Free Hosts" at

You will see a matrix of websites listed, the first column is almost always the same as most hosting providers allow both personal and business web pages. The space needed for your web page will vary based on your needs, just make sure it is something sensible like greater than 200Mb. It is also interesting that some web hosting providers disallow ads to be displayed, if you plan on doing this make sure they are allowed first.

As we get to the installation stage of this process you will most probably use something called FTP, make sure you see it in the list provided. Our content management system of choice uses PHP to work its magic so that is another requirement to look for under the Scripting heading. The rating should be over 80.

It is time to make your choice, setup your free hosting account and then continue reading.

You will need to download the latest version of WordPress from their homepage and decompress it on your hard drive. Now find a free FTP program, and set it up to connect to your web hosting account. Upload the WordPress files to your online account and go to your home page to start the installation process.

If you need any help setting up WordPress, just do a Google Search for "WordPress Installation" there are some fantastic free resources available if you get stuck.

As part of the installation procedure you would have chosen a username and password, use them now to login to your Admin area. We are going to choose a new design and layout for your web page, go to Appearance – Add New Theme and take 10 minutes to browse through all the wonderful and free themes available to you. You are given a chance to preview each one before you install it.

Congratulations you have now built yourself a brand new web page for free. Take the time now to learn more about WordPress and go through writing your own pages and posts.

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