How Do I Market My Insurance Business?

Are you sick and tired of hoping you're going to find a new client somehow somewhere? Does it seem like you spend the bulk of your time trying to scrounge up an appointment with someone? Wouldn't you rather have people contacting you?

The purpose of effective marketing is to produce an action. That action moves a highly qualified prospect closer to becoming your client. It helps you filter the world at large for the world of the relevant making it possible for you to produce results with much less work.

Utilize multiple formats to market your business. Repurpose and reformat your marketing message for print, audio, and video. With almost the same amount of effort you're able to communicate with any prospect the way they most like to be communicated with.

Forget your fears about costs because you can generate all three formats for no cost or low cost. This increased flexibility empowers you to offer more attractive options for action enticing your audience to act now. The quicker you can get your highly qualified prospects to respond the sooner you have new prospects entering your sales funnel.

Choose your medium. In fact, choose multiple mediums. You might use: direct mail, print ads, radio, TV, the internet, live events, etc.

Isolate your market. The more choosey you get about who you want to work with the easier it is for you to attract people like that.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry, but you weren't sure what you were hungry for? You probably wondered the isles picking up odds and ends yet nothing really struck you. Contrast that experience to going to the grocery store with a list and selecting the best choice for each item on your list. In the first experience you probably didn't have the ingredients for a great meal when you got home. But when you went prepared with a list and you were choosey about the items you selected you did have the ingredients for a great meal.

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It's the same when it comes to choosing your clients. You can either fill your business with whomever you happen to snag and build a so-so business, or you can hand select each client based on criteria you've predetermined and build a business meant to both succeed and last. The choice is yours.

If you want to attract the best clients you have to have the right message. This is a message that both grabs their attention and interest. This message should make them curious enough to want to know more, and motivates them to act now.

Your current marketing efforts probably fall flat because they're explicitly or implicitly product based. Your marketing messages will produce the results you want when you base them on the outcomes, results, and solutions you already know your highly qualified prospects want. Use their language and talk about what they want.

Most importantly never forget to tell them exactly what to do to act. Give them something to do to identify themselves as highly qualified prospects. Asking them to call you isn't the best option you could choose. Calling you seems risky to the prospect. You want to give them a low risk high value reason to act.

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