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How Long Does Reputation Management Take to Work?

If it was in the hands of your reputation management company it would take a week to get your negative online complaints and reports pushed back in search results. However, there are several other factors that come into play. The biggest being the search engines themselves.

Search Engines are smart, very smart. For instance Google will penalize you for publishing content too fast on it's search engine and will "Sandbox" your efforts. If you create 100 new items including web pages, Blog post, articles, or links and blast them on the search engines at one time then they think you are spamming their search engine. Trying to manipulate results. Which I guess you are, told you they were smart.

So we as professional Reputation Management companies have to stay on top of this aspect and assure what we do does not have a negative impact. Another factor in the time it takes to get results is the speed in which search engines review sites for new content or changes.

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Google indexes or spiders new items on the Internet every 3 or 4 days. This means if I put a new web page up today I have to submit it to Google to get indexed (listed) on their search engine, but they only look at new changes and updates every 3 or 4 days. So I have to wait for them to accept my web page then they only review every few days. Another major reason why Reputation Management takes time and patience.

The solution to both these issues is knowing how to get listed on search engines fast and feed content at a natural pace. A natural pace would be adding new content every day or two at a pace that looks normal to search engines. How you get new content listed on search engines fast is debatable. I will not give away our trade secrets but there are methods that can have content online within 24 hours. Knowing this tactic means faster results.

These are two very important items to discuss with the Reputation Management company you are interviewing. Take your time. There are many options available and selecting the right company will save you time and money. Below are some more questions we recommend asking a Reputation Management company during the selection process.

1. What exactly am I getting for the fee you have quoted me?
2. Does the content you are generating stay online forever or is it temporary?
3. Do you offer a guarantee?
4. What is your Reputation Management philosophy?
5. What are the main tools and resources you use?

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