How To Advertise A Business On Facebook

With slightly over a billion registered users and millions visiting the site on a daily basis, Facebook provides you with a fertile ground to advertise your business. It has actually turned from being a simple social media site to a site where small, medium-sized business and companies promote their businesses, products and services. It is also not surprising that Governments across the word have a presence on Facebook in one way or another. Although Facebook is an open platform where you can advertise your business, you seriously need to know how to go about it.

Facebook provides you with a number of business tools including the Ads creation tool that makes it possible for you to create an ad relating to your business. Using the ads creation tool provides for one great benefit; Facebook gives other users the opportunity to comment, share or like your ad. Any of these actions by any Facebook user makes it possible for his / her friends to get involved, which in effect exposes your business to many other users. Setting up your business Ad of Facebook requires that you specify your goal, which can be to attract Facebook users to your traditional business website, product promotion or sale.

Depending on your goal, an Ad that your create is shown at different locations on Facebook including at the right side of Facebook page or in News Feed on mobile devices. One valuable feature of the Ads creation tool is the fact that you can use it to reach a specific group of Facebook users. You literally have the option of targeting a specific regional location you intend to make your business known, a specific target group in terms of age, gender or interest among other options. This option is very valuable considering the fact that it allows you to target a population you are capable of serving depending on size of your business.

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Advertising your business on Facebook is not limited to creation of business Ads. You can also advertise your business through posts. Having content rich posts on your Facebook page has the positive effect of engaging other users who have the capacity to make your business known by more people in case they like or share your posts. Facebook actually provides you with the "Boost Post" button upon which you click boosts your post to a much wider audience.

A very useful feature on Facebook that you can effectively use in advertising or promoting your business is the Facebook Offer feature. Facebook provides you with the opportunity to announce any special discount or promotion through creation of post (s) right from the sharing tool. Other Facebook users access any offer post you create through News Feed with a "Get Offer" button that allows users to claim your offer. Like with everything else on Facebook, users can share your offer, which in effect makes your business known by many other users.

One great thing with Facebook is that you have access to monitoring tools that you may choose to use in gauging performance of your advertising efforts.

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