How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively

When you think about advertising on Facebook, it is good to plan some basic key steps that will make your campaign to meet the desired goals that classic post boosting will not be able to achieve.

The first step is to precisely define the target group you want to reach with your campaign and you can get help from Facebook tools for creating adverts that offer the possibility of elaborating target groups by age, gender, interests, locations and behavior. After that it is necessary to provide an adequate budget so the advertisement can reach the required number of people.

However, the most important part is to determine the goal of your advertisement campaigns. Your goals must be simple and the results of the campaign by which to evaluate the effectiveness of advertisement are easily measurable.

In order to facilitate campaign management for advertisers, Facebook has determined 14 different goals in its tool for creating adverts, Power Editor that you can achieve with your adverts. Below I will explain in more detail each of the available options.

1. Click to Website

This type of advertisement is used for people who have an online destination page where there are facilities for which you want to reach the target groups. One of the reasons for the activation of this advert can be branding, creating and raising awareness of your product or service to the desired audience.

2. Page Post Engagements

Page Post Engagements are also commonly used in the construction of the image of the brand but also to raise engagement on the fan pages. The goal of this advert is to show fan pages to specific user groups to enable them to perform their particular activity.

3. Page Likes

Page Likes are used to build a Facebook community or increase the number of fans. They are used in addition to building the brands that specific users will become fans of the page.

4. Event Responses

Event Responses are ideal for pages on Facebook that regularly create Facebook events and the advertisement makes it possible to see the event and respond to it by all interested users who are or are not members of your community and all those outside your circle of friends on Facebook.

5. Video Views

Facebook video is becoming an increasingly important segment in the digital marketing. It can quickly send a message to the target group who are interested in your products and services. Video Views advertisement allows the video to display to as many people as possible.

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6. Offer Claims

If you often create short term actions and offers for your products, this advert is for you. They can precisely define the quantity that you want to offer while users are able to download a special code by which to accomplish special price for a particular product.

7. Lead Generations

If you are using newsletter or some other form of communication for which users needs to fill a form with their personal data, I recommended this type of advert for you. To all users who access Facebook via mobile devices these ads will help them to simply fill in the form with the needed data.

8. Local Awareness

If you want your Facebook advert to be showed to people at a location near your business, the first choice should be the Local Awareness advert so that all the users that are closer to the location will know about your new little neighborhood store.

9. Product Catalog Sales

For all the owners of web shops with a wide range of products the ideal choice for Facebook advert is the Product Catalog Sales which displays all the products from the web shop depending on the user and their interests.

10. Website Conversions

Website Conversions are used when you want the user to perform some specific actions such as registering for your newsletter, fill in the contact form or purchase your product. The advertisement accurately tracks how many actions have been accomplished and you have a detailed review of the budget spent for each of them.

11. Mobile App Installations

If your company has a mobile application through this Mobile App Installation advert it is possible to find new users to download the application to their smart phone.

12. Mobile App Engagements

Mobile App Engagement can increase the activity of the existing user applications. The application with information about flight connections and the ability to purchase air tickets can advertise special flight tickets to certain users.

13. Desktop App Installations

Similar to the mobile application, Desktop App Installation is just when people download desktop applications.

14. Desktop App Engagements

Desktop App Engagement can increase the activity of existing users of your desktop applications. Finally, it is important to know that a single advert can have only one of the goals listed above. Before every campaign you should always make it clear what you want to achieve and engage experts in setting up your advertisement.

Source by Ajayi Abayomi A

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