How To Be Creative Outdoors

When you think of creative activities you may picture a craft table filled with paints, paper, and various crafting materials. But in reality you don't need to be indoors and you don't need a specific craft space to indulge in some creative activities. It's a well known fact that being outdoors is good for you, and can pick up your mood; the great outdoors is also very inspirational and can lead to reawakened creativity.

Sit by a stream or watch the sun set over the mountains. The sounds and colors of nature tap into the emotional and creative area of ​​your mind. You can spend some quiet time alone enjoying the natural creativity of being outside.

When you are looking for a more interactive creative activity for outdoors consider working on your landscaping and flowerbeds. Your imagination, your instinct for design and colors will come to the forefront enabling you to indulge your desire to create in a way that will be visible year round and will help make your home more of a representation of your personality. If you're really feeling that creative urge you could work on trimming the shrubs into shapes or creating a walking path through your flowerbeds or a meditation area outside.

The inspiration of nature can lead to all sorts of creative activities. Photography, painting, composing music or writing lyrics, and you can do all of these while soaking up the sunshine and fresh air that your body needs. Sometimes you just need the inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Many authors have claimed that getting away from the story and getting outside helps them clear their minds and get back on task as well as inspiring new ideas.

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You don't have to be in a specific area or have specific tools to get in touch with your creative side. Many of us have creativity buried deep inside under responsibility and career but simply taking the time to enjoy the outdoors and allow nature to speak to us is a wonderful way to find our inspiration.

Your creativity is a personal thing, and you don't have to be an artist or a musician to indulge your creative passions and talents. There are many creative endeavors you can tackle each and every day that will lend themselves to improving your mood, and contributing to your overall happiness. Knowing yourself, knowing what you like and knowing what you are capable of are the first steps to changing your life in a positive way. So get outside and find out what inspires you!

Source by Marita Steffe

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