How To Connect Social Media and Business With Google Places

Google Places can link to social media for business by adding links at the bottom of the Places control panel in the "Additional Details" section. By doing so, your visitors are encouraged to visit other online properties you have related information on. It has always been a good SEO move to link out to relevant sites from your website. That shows Google you are willing to share good information from other sources. The goal of search engine optimization is to strengthen your position my making it easy for the search engines to understand what your website is about. If you give them what they want you will be rewarded.

How to Optimize Google Places

One of the first things you want to do is find local business directories close to home and the larger ones that cover the country, referred to as citations. For instance the American list is quite different from the Canadian list and Vancouver's list is different from a Toronto list. The thing to keep in mind is that Google looks for confirmation of your address, phone number and similar information to identify your physical location. The next thing to do is set up a well thought out link structure. Find the most prominent business citation that allows you to post at least 10 business pictures and create that profile first. Next set up other citations you find and point links from those citations to the citation profile with those 10 pictures. Once you have completed that step, you claim your Google Places profile and point that main citation link to your new Google places profile.

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Find the 10 graphics URL's from the main citation and use them to post graphics on the new Google Places profile. Every little bit helps and the link funnel you have focused on the main business citation will give the Places profile that one final link from the main citation. Follow the rules that Google sets up and do not try to beat the system because getting caught can mean a suspension or even worse, being banned. Following those guidelines is very helpful and put you ahead of the competition in many cases, but you may need to pick up a course with some how to tips to give you the edge so you can place yourself clearly ahead of the other guys.

Optimize Your Website Too

It will be important to work on your website and get it on the first page in your local niche. If you are a florist working out of Vancouver BC then you will want to be seen on page one with keywords like these. Vancouver florist, flowers Vancouver, flowers in Vancouver, Vancouver roses, and so on. If you are considering hiring an SEO professional then you will want to get some feedback from a trusted colleague. Failing that, find someone with a track record and hire them for a small job. A good SEO service provider will keep you informed along the way and should give you progress reports. If you are considering better online exposure, call for a free consultation. We specialize in helping small to medium companies get found on Google, YouTube, Facebook and dozens of prominent social media websites.

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