How to Create a Facebook Fanpage Or Group For Affiliate Marketing

When you create a fan page or group on Facebook you will be tapping into a very powerful way to conduct internet marketing.

If you have thousands of friends on Facebook, or thousands of people in your fanpage or group, then you can market things that are needed or desired by a large number of people.

Some examples would be weight loss books, supplements, beauty products, natural remedies, books on getting out of debt, career change, dating, raising children, pets, etc.

If you put up a link trying to sell a book about basket weaving, you will not get a whole lot of sales compared to weight loss books or weight loss supplements for example.

Create Facebook fanpages or groups and invite all your hundreds or thousands of friends to join.

Fanpages on Facebook are easier to grow virally, because each person who joins will often have some of his or her friends also join, often without the original person even inviting them to join.

Facebook groups are not as good at growing in the viral way that fanpages do. But the advantage with FB groups is that you can send a message to all members of the group at the same time.

The message will show up in their email inbox as coming from Facebook with the name of your group.

So essentially you will have an opt-in list to receive your messages and because the messages are coming from Facebook, will get opened and read more often.

I am sure you have heard "the money is in the list". It is repeated so many times, because it is true!

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To create your own Facebook fanpage quickly, easily and for free visit Facebook.

Source by Jeff F Green

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