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How to Find the Owner of an Email Address

When someone calls your home, you have caller ID to tell you who it is. You can dial * 69 to trace the number. You can run reverse phone lookups to see who it was. There are a lot of options. What about when it comes to email? Many people think they are anonymous when it comes to the internet in general and email in particular. Are they right? Can they hide or can you find the owner of an email address?

When you want to find the owner of an email address, you have a few options. Some will give you more information than others. The first thing that you can do is to run a reverse IP address search. An IP address is given to your computer when you connect it with an internet service provider (ISP), so it can communicate with the network. To find the IP address of an email sender, click on the message to open it. On the page, you should see the option for "Full Header" or "View." Choose full header. You can find the IP address there. It is a numerical code that should look like this: 00.11.333.444.

You can then go to a site that runs IP address searches. This will give you the region and state from which the email was sent. This is a good option because it's free, and you can narrow down the sender somewhat. You can't access the name and address of the email account owner, but if the emails are harassing and / or threatening, you can contact the police. They are able to get the name and address from the ISP with a proper warrant or subpoena.

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Another option, that is faster and will give you more information, is to find a search that allows you to do a free email search . You can use these directories to find out who owns an email address. This saves you time and lets you access the information you need directly. You can then decide how to proceed. When you have an unfamiliar email in your inbox, it could be spam, spoofed mail, phishing schemes, threats, and more. Before you open it, check to see who owns it.

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