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How To Fix 0x80072efd Errors

The 0x80072efd error is a common problem which is caused by Windows being unable to connect to a number of important update / activation servers online. The error will normally show if your system is trying to be updated, or has a number of potential problems with its settings. If you want to resolve the problem you're seeing, we recommend you first make sure that you are able to fix the various Internet problems that your PC may have, as well as then ensuring that you can make Windows run smoother again by cleaning out the registry of your system.

This error will typically show in this format:

  • "Error 0x80072efd. A Connection to the update server could not be established".

The problem you're experiencing is that this error will basically not be able to process the vital options & connectivity settings that are required to help it run. This can either be caused by a firewall problem, Internet connectivity issue, or a registry problem on your PC. To fix this problem, we recommend you first ensure that you can fix any of the potential issues that Windows may have, as well as then ensure that your system is able to run much smoother by cleaning out its registry.

How To Fix Error 0x80072efd

You can fix this error by first ensuring the internet of your PC is working correctly. This can be done by clicking onto the Internet, and then trying to load up a website called "" This website tests the speed of any internet connection, and will allow you to gauge to see whether you're actually connected to the net, and how fast that connection is. If you find that the connection you have is very slow, or has a number of problems, you really need to make sure you're able to fix the problems that it may have by talking to your Internet company.

The registry database of your system is another cause of the 0x80072efd error. This is a large database which stores important settings & options for your PC, and is used continually by Windows to load up the likes of your most recent emails, desktop wallpaper and other important settings. Unfortunately, the 0x80072efd error is continually leading a lot of problems to show – making your computer run much slower and with a lot of problems as a result. In order to resolve the problems the registry has caused, you should download and run a program called Frontline Registry Cleaner.

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