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How To Generate Thousands Of Leads By Selecting The Right Search Engine Keyword

Choosing the correct search engine keyword is the difference between generating massive traffic that can create income overnight, or generating no traffic and wasting a lot of time.

If you have any experience with keyword research you might have heard to choose a keyword that has low competition. This of course can be found by placing your keyword within the Google search bar within quotations.

If the number below the search box is less than 100,000, you have a good keyword that you can rank on page one of Google. There is one problem with this strategy, those same low competition words are low search volume words. It will take you 10 years to build any kind of traffic to your blog or website.

So let's realize right now that competition is not based on how many other blogs or websites you are competing against the strength of that competition.

We are getting ranked on page one of Google with competition of 10 million which are carrying a lot stronger searches each month that supplies us with tremendous traffic and leads, you just need to understand how to find the correct search engine keyword.

Many people fear going after strong domains with a page rank of 4 or 5. First off you are not competing against the domain, you are competing against the specific page within that domain that they have created.

When we look at Google algorithms there are some very specific factors we need to consider when choosing a strong keyword:

  • Domain Age – Honestly this holds very little weight with Google and again it is more about the page you are competing against not the domain
  • Page Rank – If you don't have the Alexa toolbar on your computer you will need it. This will tell you the site rank and page rank of your competition. This happens to be one of the easiest to beat when measuring your competition even with a brand new blog
  • SEO – Now we are talking. When you have your blog post set up correctly with your URL tag, title tag, description tag and anchor tags, you are able to easily out rank high page rank blogs and we do it everyday
  • Backlinks – This one is very important. We have found that even a page rank 5 with only a few backlinks to the specific page (not the domain) can easily be outranked. On the other hand, if you come up against a low or high page rank competing page with hundreds of backlinks you will not outrank them at first

Yes there are other factors within Google algorithms, many of which we will never know. The factors above though play the largest role in Google determining where to rank any blog post you create.

With this information we are able to find search engine keywords with high search volumes that will get us ranked on page one of Google with that will create a ton of traffic almost overnight.

The two major factors above that you need to be concerned about are SEO and backlinks. Most of the time if you are competing against higher page rank with very little SEO or backlinks, they are only there because Google has not found a site or blog post that shows more relevancy within SEO.

There is one more factor to consider that has proven to explode leads like no other strategy online. This strategy is called niche domination.

Simply put niche domination is a process of finding 2-4 keywords within the same niche and creating blog post around those keywords. By implementing specific strategies and interlinking them together with anchor tags you are creating content, relevancy and and keywords that are all relevant to a searchers request.

We have found that Google loves niche marketing strategies and will rank you on page one for 80% of your keywords.

Google will also give you a tremendous amount of additional keywords within the same niche creating a landslide of traffic very quickly.

Source by Joseph Musumeci

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