How To Get A Higher Search Engine Ranking By Using Bullet Points


Here's a simple, but effective way to quickly increase the search engine ranking of pages within your site. Zero cost, yet very effective.

If you visit websites which have high rankings in search engines, you'll discover they all have something in common. And that 'something' they share is a rarely discussed method to significantly increase rankings for specific key words and phrases associated with the site.

The secret? Bullet lists of key words (with links to pages within the site).

What to Include in the Bullet List

Each of these lists should include keywords or phrases important to your site, and every item on the bullet list provides links to pages of content (articles) which reinforce the words or phrases used (this is important to search engine ranking).

The bullet lists should also provide many different and unique trails for the search engine robots to follow into your site. Information about the content of each of these trails is fed to the robots twice with each link if you include a 'title' tag within the link. Move your mouse over any link on a page, and if you see a title tag automatically pop up, it has a title tag that reinforces the phrase on the link.

More importantly, when the robots follow any of the trails, they will find an article or content page which provides reinforcing information to the words used in the links – to the search engines, this is extremely important.

Another important benefit of bullet list links

Even if the robots didn't follow the spider trails provided by the bullet point links (which they definitely do), and even if the robots didn't give rank weight to the words or phrases used in these links (which they do), using bullet point links has another benefit. It provides an easy way for human visitors to quickly see all the features of your site (or product), and gives them an easy-to-follow navigation trail to find more detail.

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With a bullet list, you can provide a tremendous amount of 'teaser' information in a short easily-scanned format, which most visitors like. And in the process, you can provide the robots with reasons to rank your site highly.

Does it work? Count the number of distinct trails you provide for the search engine robots on the front page of your site. How many lead to relevant pages? How many block the robots (either dead end or require log in). And how many pages of content or details within your site are simply invisible to the search engine robots?

Giving the search engines something to look at and a way to find more information within your site is perhaps the single best way to optimize your site for highest search engine ranking.

Source by Nick James

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