How To Get An Instant Free Appraisal For Your Domain and Website

If you want to know how much your house is worth, there are a number of tools online that you can reference. Similarly, there are a number of sites for determining the valuation of virtual real estate – domain names.

Online valuation sites help you determine the price of your domain name. While no tool or formula can provide an exact value for a house or a domain name, they can assist by providing a ballpark estimate. We must understand that no particular algorithm can 100% accurately give any domain its exact worth. The price greatly depends on people, how much are they willing to pay and how many people are interested in obtaining your domain name affects its value and ability to sell it.


Unfortunately there is no formula to obtain how many people want to buy a specific domain name or website. Therefore we need to rely on valuation algorithms.

How do domain appraisal sites come up with an instant value for my site?

Some valuation algorithms are based primarily on keyword metrics including previous sales data and cost-per-click data, The only problem with this formula is that it does not adjust for traffic and pure content of a website. If you have a parked domain with no traffic or content then seeking out a site with this formula is the best way to go ..

Perhaps you are interested in selling your website that currently brings in traffic from all your hard work. If this is the case then you would seek out a domain appraisal & site analysis website that provides a value based on website performance indicators such as Alexa traffic rank, back-links, and Google Page Rank.

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Regardless, many of the instant domain appraisal companies offer enough information that will give you the advantage you need in order to buy or sell that special domain name or website.

Here is a list of factors that you should always look for when considering buying or selling virtual real estate …

Factors To Look For That Are Included In A Domain Appraisal:

Income Reports
Whois Info
Traffic Reports
Web Ranks
Web Scores
Web Analysis
Safety Data
Social Media
Hosting Info
IP Information
Page speed
SEO Reports
Server Info
Link Analysis
Meta Search
Search Engine Indexes (Google, Yahoo & Bing)
Alexa Rank
FB Likes, Shares & Comments
Twitter Count (tweets)
LinkedIn Shares
Delicious Shares

Free Domain Appraisals may not be 100% accurate but they certainly will arm you with enough facts that will allow you to make an educated decision on whether you buy or sell that domain name / website …

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