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How to Get Backlinks for Blog Posts

Tonnes of people every day set up blogs hoping to make money online via affiliate sales or selling their own products directly. Many put a significant amount of time into making their blog look really nice and getting the words on the page just right in order to try and maximise their sales. Eventually, and after not too much time if you are wise, it is time to address the dreaded question – how to get backlinks for blog posts that you have written?

Many bloggers feel that the problem is that there are too many options when it comes to generating the backlinks required to bring the traffic required for decent sales and profit. There is article marketing, blog commenting, forum commenting, video creation just to name a few. Each requires copious amounts of time to both learn how to do properly or large sums of money should you intend to pay others to do it for you. Depending on how competitive the keywords are that you are targeting, you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on content creation and submission services to get your keywords ranking well.

There are those that have been in the game a bit longer that will tell you that the problem is not that there is a lot of options but that many of the techniques you are taught just plain don't work these days. They did once, maybe in 2004, but the Internet landscape changes significantly and frequently and unless you are dedicated to understanding the latest methods you can quickly be left behind and the methods you use be rendered obsolete.

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So what do you do? You still need to get backlinks to get traffic to get sales. But many find that they do not have the time to learn what they need to know to be the best in their niche. And wasn't the point of creating the blog and trying to make more money online so that you could have both more money and time in the long run? If you want people to create content for you, submit it to the right place, create blog comments for you etc. and you want it all done in a legitimate and effective way you will likely be forking out a lot of money for the services, right?

Well maybe not. You see the answer might not be for you to learn how to get backlinks to blog posts directly. It is likely to be the more indirect but effective route in learning how to find an effective service where you are dealing with genuine people who will do the work of getting backlinks and therefore traffic for you at an affordable price. Stress free success waits not for those who outsource individual components of the process of generating backlinks and then tries to project manage them all to work together, but for those who outsource the entire process to a trusted and successful backlinks service provider.

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