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How to Get Cheap Web Traffic and How it Can Still Be Targeted Traffic

Learning how to identify and relate to your market is the first step in getting cheap web traffic to your website. It is also the first step in getting targeted visitors to your website. Let’s face it; you would probably want one thousand motivated buyers to your website opposed to a million visitors that have no interest in your product or service.

If your website is promoting a product that you know a great deal about, then your way a head of the game. Let’s say it’s a hobby of yours and it has been for years. You’re going to know what keywords that are commonly used in your market and you’ll be able to optimize your website for those keywords. When it comes to offsite promotion and optimization, you’ll know what keywords will bring cheap web traffic to your website and if you don’t, it is fairly simple to perform a search in the Google search tool to determine searches per month and determine what the cost per click would be if you were to run an AdWords pay per click campaign.

By taking a quick look at competing sites for that keyword it would be easy to see where you can take over your competition by focusing on keywords they may have looked over. After you have performed your research, capitalizing on those keywords utilizing appealing content is going to be the name of the game to get cheap web traffic.

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But what if you have no idea about a certain market? A relatively quick way to research your market and learn how to get cheap web traffic or targeted visitors from that market to your website is actually fairly simple.

A real lazy way of getting the data that you need is set up a few Google alerts. Go to, type in alerts, and the first result in the organic search, (under the paid search), should be Google alerts. Type in the keyword or keywords, that you are researching and choose the, “as it happens” option. Do this with a few different keywords that are relevant to the market. What will happen is every time the search engine notices an article, blog post or new page with the keywords in the title or body, it’s going to deliver that article, blog post or new page to your inbox as an alert. Like I said, this is a real lazy way, but it works great.

Just by reading the alerts you’ll learn a lot about that market quickly, and be able to get cheap web traffic because, once again, you’re going to start seeing keywords that you can focus on for both, optimizing your website to get targeted visitors, and optimize your off site marketing efforts to get targeted visitors to your site.

A little more of a proactive approach researching would be going through and reading forum posts that pertain to the market. You could use a service such as to search for forums and, once again, look for keywords.

So to recap, getting targeted visitors to your site is the name of the game and not just visitors in general, and the process we have discussed will make it simple to get cheap web traffic.

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