How To Get Excellent Marks In High School

Most students don’t spend much time studying and when they do, they get the least out of what they have studied, which results in getting low grades.

The problem comes when a student believes he is doing the best he can but eventually he doesn’t get the excellent grades which he believed he can get, moreover, he may feel depressed for his results and this is the time he should know how to get excellent grades in high school.

If you want to get excellent marks you should learn some skills that an average student doesn’t have, like:

1. To study for long hours

2. To memorize what you studied while not studying

3. To solve exams in the best way possible

Most students want the hot tip about getting excellent grades in high school and they believe that there are some covered tips that can help them get excellent grades, while this is wrong, most students believe that there are covered tips.

1. Most students are lazy when it comes to studying and postpone what they should study today to someday, this is the first obstacle that face them and what they should learn is to know that they should do their best in their day so that they can get the excellent grades they want

2. Most students don’t ask for help and they can ask for help by:

a. Asking older students who have gotten excellent grades about how they did so

b. Asking teachers about difficult studying matters

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I remember I fainted on my desk for a minute because I used to sleep for 4 hours a day for a month or two, this was my attitude for studying.

I kept switching from one subject to the other not to get bored from one subject.

Also I used to divide my day to 5 parts according to my meditation periods.

This made me excel by getting 97% (A+) grades, the problem was that no one from my friends or family members expected such grades, moreover they believed that I am one of the normal students that can’t excel.

I was a normal student with normal skills, but all I did was be persistent studying everyday till I reached exams.

This made me join Engineering College that I have always dreamt to join which made me feel so fulfilled.

Finally, I advise you to do your best in your high school so that you can get excellent grades in it and doing your best needs from you to do extra effort than most of the average students.

Source by Ahmed Al Abyad

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