How To Get Into GOOGLE Search Engine In Less Than 48 Hours – Straight!


So, you now have a site up and ready! The next step, the most important step is to get listed in various search engines and directories! For this you would have seen various services that are provided on the net "Automatically Submit Your Site To 100,000 Search Engines and Directories" these are just of no use … You can try this! Just go to the addurl section of the most used search engine When you add an URL there the people say that your URL is placed in 'queue' to get indexed and may take 4-6 weeks before being listed there!

You would be thinking 'I wasted all my time and effort to just wait!' So here is the solution of this just type in your key phrase in the search box of Google. COM and see the Page Rank of the sites (you would require Google toolbar installed to know the website's page rank). Now find sites having PR's greater than 5 or 6. These are the sites that are of much importance to the Google robots! The Google robots index these sites regularly in a day or two. The next thing you would like to do is have a link exchange program with few good PR's sites!

Do you get the point?

No, let me explain. Let Google search your site rather than you search for Google indexing your site! When you exchange links with site having PR's 5 or 6 then it's certain that your site would be there indexed in Google under 48 hours!

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Now, think if you manage to exchange links with sites having PR's 7 or 8 …. then your site would be on Google's robot's list in less than 24 Hours!

In the next article I'll be telling you Why is it important to Exchange Links and what kind of links!

Source by Manish Pandey

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