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How To Get Tons Of Followers And Make Money With Twitter Marketing

Many people like the idea of ​​making money with Twitter marketing. So they get online and open up a Twitter account. Next thing you know their account gets banned by Twitter.

Worse yet, let's say their account didn't get banned by Twitter and they spent months and months Twittering away their lives and never get any results in terms of leads and sales.

What did they do wrong?

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There are millions of people who use Twitter every day. There must be a way to cash in on all that traffic. It's all over the news that such and such a business became successful because of Twitter … And what about the politician who came up from behind and won the election because he used social marketing to promote his ideas.

I mean, there are only 140 characters you can use in Twitter. How can Twitter marketing be that hard?

Basic, direct marketing principles indicate that all you have to do is create a strong benefits oriented message, get it in front of a crowd and you will sell tons of product.

Can it be that all the marketing gurus are wrong? These are the people who have successfully sold billions of dollars of products and services through their ability to write successful advertising. When these guys say that you should tune into the benefits your target market is looking for and let them know you have what they want, they must be right … right?

Wrong. In this case.

When the master marketers talk about sending out powerful advertising messages, they are not talking about social media marketing.

Using social media marketing, especially Twitter marketing for your business is a completely different process than traditional marketing. If you want to make money with Twitter, you have to do it the "Twitter way".

In traditional marketing you are trying to get the interest of a passive audience by using a good headline. Then you proceed to make the sale with solid, well planned, benefits oriented copy.

When you are trying to make money with Twitter you can't do that. The people who would see your message do not have a tolerance for commercial messages. That's not what they are there for.

When people post messages on Twitter or they go to look for messages on Twitter they are there to casually socialize. Casually socializing can look like a number of different things like reading about a topic that interests them, tuning in to how their friends are spending their time, learning about something, etc.

What they don't want is to have to deal with someone who is banging away at them with a sales message.

Blatant selling is not socializing. On the other hand, if you want to make lots of money with Twitter marketing, how do you sell something if you are not allowed to promote your products?

This is the problem that traditional marketers have not been able to solve.

In order to sell with the help of social media marketing you need to add a few steps before you get to the selling part of business.

What you need to do before you try to sell something is to spend time getting to know people and developing friendships. That's what social media is all about. If you want to use it to market your products and services you first need to be in step with your audience, according to Joe Vitale of Hypnotic Marketing fame.

If you are not in tune with what your audience is expecting, they will not go along with what you say. There is no way you'll make a sale unless your audience accepts you into their lives, their private space on their home computer, laptop and these days on their smart phone or IPod.

Once you have made a friend, you can bring them over to your informative blog. From your blog you can tempt them to a mailing list or other sales oriented messages … but there is no way you will sell anything directly from Twitter or any other social media.

It's just a waste of time.

So the steps are to first make a friend or in Twitter talk, you need followers. The next step is to provide a link that your followers would be excited to click on. Make sure you reward them for clicking your link by providing good value for their time. Now that they are starting to trust you, you can take them to a business oriented page or CPA offer.

If you break the trust at this point, you may make a little bit of money, but if you really reward your followers for following you by making sure they are getting a great value for their time, money and TRUST in you, your messages will be re-tweeted.

Re-Tweets is where the real gold is in social media marketing.

Really take care of your followers. I mean REALLY. Twitter marketing is such a powerful medium that if your followers are really happy with you, you can get rich overnight.

Your wealth will come not from being sneaky or tricking people into buying things.

Your amazing success will come from being a great guy (or gal) who gave a good tip that was really worthwhile following.

People will love you and give you more and more money because you add so much value to their lives.

Isn't that a great way to make a living?

Source by Neeraj Varma

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