How to Increase Your Home Based MLM Business Opportunity Leads Using Articles – 6 Key Tips

If you want to create some highly targeted leads for your home based MLM business opportunity, I recommend writing Articles. This strategy allows you to make a connection with your reader by providing valuable content to help their business.

In return your reader is offered an option to visit your website where you can then convert the article reader to an MLM network marketing lead. This article will give you 5 tips on how you can achieve this:

1) An interesting Article Title : The first thing your reader will see is the article title, so you need to make this very eye catching. I suggest creating long article titles to make your title stick out. Also include numbers like – 5 Tips to, within 90 days, 10 ways to, etc. This will generate interest in your article.

2) Useful content : The content of your articles is very important. If you are lazy you may think you can simply write any old article and submit it to an article directory and wait for the traffic. Unfortunately it is not that simple. Two problems with that approach, the article directory probably will not publish the article and secondly if it is published you will probably not attract many readers.

The tip here is to create useful articles for people specific to your business. For example I have a home based MLM business opportunity and passionate about the industry. Therefore I focus all of my articles around this topic.

I know the struggles of Network marketers because I have shared their struggles. So I know what content can help them succeed. So my first tip to you is write useful, specific content to your businesses target audience.

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3) Consistency : My next tip is to be consistent with your articles. If you want to generate some regular leads to your business you need to have a regular flow of articles. I would suggest writing at least 5 articles a weeks. So you could work Monday to Friday and write one article a day.

4) Short and to the point : When you are writing your articles my advice is to keep your article short and to the point. The concentration span of most article readers is short. If you attempt to write a very long article and waffle on, your reader will not bother to read the whole article. You want your readers to read the whole article, love it and then look for more information about you.

5) Resource Box : This is the link back to your website. I would suggest having an MLM network marketing lead capture page that will give your reader an option to leave their details so you can contact them with more helpful content or offers.

6) Sales funnel : Once you have converted an article reader to a home based MLM business opportunity lead it is important to have an effective sales funnel to maximize the value of the MLM network marketing lead. The right sales funnel will allow you to incorporate a number of income streams as well as your primary business.

If you follow these tips on Article marketing you will be able to understand how you can generate more leads into your business using articles. I wish you success with your marketing.

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