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How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter today remains the top social media platform used by individuals and organizations to reach out to their target audience in real time. The total number of Twitter users has already reached the one billion mark while the platform has 316 million monthly active users as of July 2015. Daily active users number 100 million.

Twitter users aiming to increase their following have many options today. The key is to be consistent in your activity on the platform.

Here are more steps you can take to attract more people and potential customers moving forward.

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Be On-Topic

As a Twitter user, you have to know what the others want in terms of content. Do a little research to determine the topics in your field that are trending on the platform.

When you sign into Twitter using your desktop, you will see the trending hashtags and topics on the left-hand side of the page. You can create your own tweets to be part of the conversation using the trending hashtag but only if they are related to the topic. This way, you take advantage of the trends, news and happenings in line with your business and gain new followers.

Respond to Tweets

Remember it is always a good practice to reply to tweets especially when they come from people or accounts with followers that number in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

When you respond to bigtime Twitter users, you have every opportunity to engage with a larger audience. Their huge followers will see your tweets and who knows, many will follow you afterwards.

Thank People

Apart from replying to tweets, it is also a must to thank people who engage with you. You need to do this when people follow you on Twitter or add you to a Twitter list. Say thank you as well to those who mention you in a tweet, retweet your tweets or favorite your tweets.

When you are able to do this step, you will earn the respect of your followers, encourage them to share your tweets and improve your visibility.

Embed Tweets in Blog Posts

One way to increase your exposure on Twitter is to embed your tweets into your blog posts. It is easy to do this. Simply click the three dots below tweet when you're using your Twitter desktop and click Embed Tweet to show the code. Then copy that code to your blog post and it will show your tweets to your readers.

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