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How to Market on Facebook Like a Golden Retriever

When you meet a Golden Retriever they will no doubt come up to you and try to lick your hand, offer to shake your paw or try to jump up on you to say hello, come and play with me.

Golden Retrievers are very friendly and they want to get to know you from the very moment that you are first introduced to them.

Do you take the time to get to know your Facebook friends? Do you say hello to each new friend? Or are you in too big of a hurry to add friends in massive numbers so that you can increase your numbers in order to make you look good? What happens when a Golden Retriever sees a large group of people? The friendly dog ​​will go to each person and wag its tail, roll over and wait to be petted, jump up or extend its paw of friendship. Do you do the same thing with your Facebook friends? What can you do to make sure that you let each friend know that you care about and appreciate them?

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What about this sweet and innocent face of a baby golden retriever? Do you really want to get to know your friends and to develop relationships with them? Or do you just see a $ because you want to sell them something or recruit them into your business?

Goldens are non-judgmental. They seek to be friendly and get to know everyone no matter who they are. They like to play and to give before they receive. They will love you and play with you no matter who you are and what you may want from them.

They give first and then receive. Are you giving first on Facebook? If not, you need to come up with ways to give first.

There are many ways to do this. Here are just a few:

1. Say hello to anyone new and offer to help.

2. Offer a free report, eBook, video or other free item of value. However, this one can easily get blown out of proportion since you need to make sure that you are not just spamming people's walls with these. It is therefore best to offer your free report or eBook like a signature file at the end of a content filled article or blog post via your notes application.

3. Develop a relationship before offering to sell something.

4. Stay connected with your friends new and old by sending them a hello message, checking out their blog or website and asking them a question about it or writing a cheerful message on their wall.

5. Repost links on your wall of the content of others that you find valuable and interesting.

6. Comment on photos, statuses and other things posted by others. Offer good uplifting comments.

7. Take the relationship offline and get to know your friends outside of social networking.

8. Use the chat feature to be friendly and communicate with some of your friends from time to time.

Golden Retrievers do not need to be taught how to be friendly. They are cute, cuddly and fun even from the time they are first born. As humans we too know how to do these things. Consider how easily we made friends as children. However, for some reason when we get online in social networks such as Facebook too many of us forget how to be friendly and fun because we heard that people are making tons of money on Facebook so we focus only on the money.

Goldens also like to play and to have fun. When using Facebook to build your business, you need to be careful though that you are not playing too much. Learn how to have fun and show your personality and be you without wasting time. Some great ways to do this include:

1. Telling real life stories that people can relate to. These can include funny stories or embarrassing moments.

2. Posting pictures of your everyday life for others to see.

3. Posting videos from parties and events that you attend.

Marketing on Facebook can be a blast and you can meet tons of people you would not otherwise meet and you can grow your business like crazy if you embrace more of the qualities of a Golden Retriever and learn to say hello, build relationships and be friendly first .

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