How To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Design In 4 Easy Steps

You can have all the money in the world to pay for Facebook Ads but if you don't have the kind of design that will resonate with your target audience, then you're spending your money for nothing.

Ad design is a very important aspect of Facebook Ads. Not only does Facebook allow you to advertise in a variety of formats, but they also give you a very thorough reporting tool so you can see which ads are working and which ads aren't.

When you have this information at hand, you can easily adjust your design so you can increase your click-through rates and your conversions.

Here are a few ad design strategies you can use to optimize your Facebook Ads:

1. Use high-quality images

No one likes to look at images that looks like it's been shot by a 3-year old. Messy amateur shots and stock photos are two of the biggest pet peeves of Facebook users. They see enough amateur photos from their friend's updates and stock photos from every other advertiser on the planet, so you need to use high-quality images to catch their attention.

There are plenty of websites offer free high quality images but if you ask me; I find it very rewarding to invest few extra bucks in a very high quality unique image that will help make your ad stand out and finally entice them to click through and see what you have to offer. It'll pay back, trust me on this one.

2. Use location-specific images

If you're targeting a local area, then you should use local images. Or you can shoot a video in a popular local hangout. When people see you know their area intimately, they'll like you immediately. It's refreshing to see an ad that offers up something not many other advertisers do, like capturing the local scenery. It's much easier to relate to something local than something that's thousands of miles away.

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3. Use visual contrast, filters or overlays

Even if you aren't artistic by nature, you can use a photo editing software with nice filters on it. If you aren't confident of your skills, you can look up some inspiration online. Check out popular graphic design sites, find the kind of designs you think your audience will like, and use that as inspiration to come up with your own design.

4. Use carousel ads to create a visual story

When done right, carousel ads can actually tell a story. People love stories, so try to think of a twist to your story to get them engaged with your advert, they will get attached to you and your brand and they will stick to you forever if your story resonates with theirs.

Carousel ads give you a great tool to leverage on stories and make stories people love work for you and your business. You just need to have a series of interconnected images and / or videos that form part of a whole picture.

Source by Jalal N Zaitouni

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