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How to Remove Google Redirect Virus 2010-2011 From Your Laptop, PC or Computer? Facts Here Exposed

Is your laptop, PC or computer infected by a virus but it seems like the particular virus is not removed by popular anti-virus programs such as Avast, McAfee, AVG and so on? Have you tried to use anti-spyware, anti-malware and other removal software tools for malicious programs like trojans yet nothing has changed? Are you often redirected to a fake website whenever you click on a link?

Okay, you don't have to worry yourself so much because you are not the one searching for a way to remove Google Redirect virus removal tool. There are millions of people that are searching for a way to remove this virus that always redirects them to an unwanted or a scam site. This article will help you to learn how to remove Google Redirect virus from your PC.

Now, what is the Google Redirect virus? Google Redirected virus is a 'browser hijack' virus which will always take your laptop, PC, system or computer to a fake website when you click a link and you are redirected online.

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Normally, Windows suppose to send you to the appropriate website when you are redirected as a result of clicking on a link but if your system is infected by Google Redirect virus, it will put its own wrong websites into the redirect process, directing your laptop or PC to send you to any website at random.

The funny but sad issue here is that this will happen for all redirects, not just for search engine results but this problem is more noticeable when doing a search because search engines will always redirect you to a particular site.

Unfortunately, many computer users are not aware of this ugly situation, yet it does not stop it from happening – when you click on a link on a search engine result, it will take you to a strange environment or website that you never expected. This is quite annoying and frustrating.

Okay, why is this virus too difficult to be removed? The simple reason is that, unlike other common or typical viruses, this virus does not leave any 'footprint' or 'trace' on your computer. It just changes the redirect settings for Windows and disappears to an unknown destination. This is just why most anti-virus tools are not able to remove it.

Then, how do you remove the Google Redirect Virus from your laptop, PC or computer? To remove this very stubborn virus, you need to fix the settings, options and files in your system registry which have been negatively affected by this virus. You don't need common anti-virus software because you cannot get rid of the redirect virus through that means. You need software that is specifically designed for this purpose or a manual that will teach you how to remove the redirect virus.

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