How To Set Up And Effective Sales Funnel That Will Make Your Thousands Of Dollars Online

A lot of persons who venture online to make money have no idea how to set up an effective sales funnel. They just choose an affiliate offer and more often than not send traffic with the hope to make a few sales. While they will get a few sales if they are sending good traffic, such a business model wont last because as soon as the traffic stops the income will also dry up. If you are one such person then you need to stop right away and pay close attention to this article. You see your ability to set up an effective sales funnel will determine how successful your business will get.

How To Set Up An Effective Sales Funnel

The first thing you need to understand if that most people don't buy until they have seen an offer at least 7 times. This means that if your are promoting affiliate offers or your own products, majority of your traffic won't buy the product right away. With that being said, if you have no system in place to capture those leads you are leaving a whole lot of money on the table.

So Here's What You Need To Do:

1. Offer A Bribe (FREE OFFER) So That Persons Will Sign Up To Your List

The trick to this is that no one will be presented with a paid offer until they have signed up to your email list. If you are worried that you may miss sales by doing this then you are WRONG. Think about this for a second. Do you think that someone would take out their credit cards and buy if they don't want to give up their name and email address?

The truth of the matter is that those would buy right away will still be able to do so because as soon as they optin to your lead capture page they should be redirected to the paid offer where they can purchase the product. At the same time you can also follow up with persons who never buy to build a relationship with them via your newsletter which will convert them into buyers.

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2. The Your First Product In Your Sales Funnel Should Be A Low Priced Product

It is important to note that this first entry product is not where you'll make most of your from. As a matter of fact, depending on how you drive traffic, you may be at a loss even after making several sales of this product.

However, this product is to separate your buyers from your freebie seekers. So the methodology that should be in place is that once someone purchase a product, he / she will be automatically be removed from your free list onto your customers list. A low entry product can be anywhere from $ 7 to $ 27.

3. Have An Effective Backend With High Priced Upsells

A lot of marketers will tell you that the bulk of their income comes from the backend product. This is where your previous customers will get to upgrade and purchase higher priced products in your sales funnel. You can have several different priced products in your funnel. In order for your customers to see the higher priced products they must first buy the lower entry ones. So with will go like this:

Free Offer -> $ 27 Product -> Customer buys then see -> $ 97 Product —> Customer Buys Then see —> $ 297 etc.

So as you can see, when you have an effective sales funnel you can make a whole lot of money. If you were simply linking to a product without capturing leads, you would have been doing hit and miss marketing. If you are also paying for traffic, you would find it very hard to be profitable! With an effective sales funnel, you can spend a lot on traffic because you have a good back end in place to ensure that you are always profitable.

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