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How to Tag Friends in Your Facebook Status and Posts?

One of the popular options on Facebook is tagging, which provides everyone the ability to identify as well as reference people in photos, videos and notes.

Not too long ago, Facebook added a new way to tag people along with other things you are associated with on Facebook – in status updates and other posts from the Publisher. It's another route to tell your friends what and who you are referring to.

People usually update their own status to reflect their own thoughts as well as emotions, or to talk about stuff that they feel like sharing. Occasionally that involves referencing friends, groups and even events they're attending – for example, posting "Grabbing snack together with Mike David" or "I'm going to Starbucks Coffee Company – anybody would like some coffee?".

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Now, while you are writing a status update and wish to include a friend's name to something you are posting, simply add "@" symbol beforehand. While you type the name of what you would want to reference, a drop-down menu will show up which lets you select from your own list of friends along with other connections, such as groups, events, applications and Pages. Soon, you can actually tag friends from applications too. The "@" symbol will not be shown within the posted status update or post after you have added your tags.

Friends you tag within your status updates will get a notification along with a Wall post linking them to your post. In addition, they will have the choice to remove tags of themselves from your own posts.

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