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How To Write An Article Review The Easy Way

One of the best ways to promote any product on the internet is to write an article review. When looking at how to write an article review, you need to research your chosen subject and bring together the main points for your review to take shape.

The first step is to search Google for information on the product you want to review. This is a straightforward step as you are only checking the first 10-15 results that Google throws up. Study each site and take the parts that you feel will add value to your review. Remember that you are looking for quality content that the reader wants to know about. Take a look at Google News too, as this is updated regularly and provides very good information.

Next, take a look at any affiliate sites that may be using Google AdWords on the first couple of pages of search results. These are great sources of information, especially if you are writing a review on a digital product. Generally you will reach the affiliate sales page and this normally gives good information on the benefits of the product. List these down and add them to your review.

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If you are reviewing a physical product such as a digital camera or TV, search the brand name and check out the reviews or posts that customers have submitted. Amazon is excellent source of information, as many customers leave comments about the product they have bought. Even if you do not own the product, you can get half a dozen or so comments and rewrite them into a review and post it on your blog or submit your work to an article directory!

Another great method when looking at how to write an article review is to check out sites such as Technorati and Delicious. These sites are live and continually update with new information, which makes any content you can get valuable. Just add the product into the search field and scan through the results. I have written reviews based only on information from these sites alone.

How to write an article review is easy as the internet is overflowing with almost a never-ending supply of information. You certainly don’t need to own a product to review it. Indeed, I find it better not to have owned the product before I write a review.

Source by Johnathan Calvert

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