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How To Write Meta Description For SEO – A Quick Checklist

What is a Meta Description? Do they really play a significant role in the success of the strategy of SEO? How to write it in a great way, so it works for your SEO? For sure, there are so many questions you have in your mind. Don’t worry; here is the answer to your every question. So, let’s get started.

Basically, Meta Description is HTML tags that provide brief information about the particular page to the search engines, so, they crawl your website for better ranking. Yes, they play an important role in increasing the ranking of your website on different search engines. By the way of such description search engines able to index your website. When it comes to writing it in the best way, so, here is the quick checklist you need to follow.

Contain Focused Keyword: One of the important things you need to keep in your mind while writing a Meta Description is the use of a keyword. Make sure the keyword you may use in the description matches the text, so, it attracts the search engines for better ranking. Stay focused on the keyword help the robots.txt to crawl your website easier than ever before.

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Be Brief: Always keep in mind a great Meta Description should be no longer than 160 characters, otherwise, search engines not able to read it, which put an adverse effect on your efforts. So, before Google chop off your keyword try to save it by saying it all in brief.

Use A Call-To-Action: A Call-to-action helps to drive the traffic to your website and give your visitors a reason to click. Therefore, it is very important to use it while writing a Meta Description for SEO.

Make It Relevant: Relevancy of your Meta Description with overall content increases the chances of its crawling by the search engines, which increases the visibility of your website. So, make sure anything you write in the description must match the content, so, it can make some sense to the search engines.

Be Unique: Google loves the uniqueness and if you want to make your presence on it, so, you have to be unique. Make sure Meta Description of each page is unique from the last one and have all above factors.

These are simple points you need to keep in mind while writing a Meta description. So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time to pay attention to the SEO, so, before it’s too late, pull your socks up and get engaged with it now.

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