Internet Marketing Plan – At Last, Urgent Questions Answered About Your Internet Marketing Plan

In the next two minutes you are going to learn the answers to your most pressing questions about your internet marketing plan. It is a fact that the internet changes rapidly and has changed dramatically even over the last couple of years. As a business owner, you already know that you need to review your business plan at least twice a year. When is the last time your looked at your online strategy? Do you even have one? That brings us to our first question.

Is it too late to start internet marketing?

Absolutely and emphatically the answer is no. And you need to take action and start right now. There are opportunities happening as you're reading this article that you can take advantage of. The challenge is if you don't one of your competitors will. You should already have a website (if not, that's OK as there are URL strategies that can offset more 'seasoned' sites). Now, picture your website attracting customers, building your brand and filling your sales funnel. That is what a successful internet marketing plan will look like.

What are some key aspects of a successful plan?

You already know that the key to many aspects of your business (client base, investments, product line) is diversification. The same is true of your internet marketing plan. Picture your offer on search pages for keywords that convert; picture your video series on sites like YouTube and available for download, picture you being invited to speak because of the informational articles you have posted to places like EzineArticles. Now you're beginning to realize what a diversified plan looks like and how it will have amazing positive impacts on your business and your bottom line.

Other important aspects are relevance and recency. I don't need to tell you about relevance, you already know to give your customer accurate, helpful and worthwhile information related to your business. What you may not know is once a search engine determines your site actually contains information relevant to the search, they want to see some action. I recommend a new blog post at least twice a week and a new article every other month.

How do I effectively interact with my clients?

Here's the bottom line, your clients (and the search engines) want to see opportunities to interact with you online. Your internet marketing plan needs to include some sort of (preferably more than one sort of) way to interact with your business. The fantastic thing about digital marketing is it provides any number of ways for you to connect with your customers. Obviously, first and foremost, you need a blog either on your site or separate and branded to your business. Some other top venues are:

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– Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

– Business review sites

– Forums

– Article and video sites

– Social booking marking sites

In addition to your blog (s) you need to be taking advantage of at least one of these other options.

What can I do to find potential clients that are ready to buy?

Can you imagine putting an ad in the newspaper and only paying when someone that is ready to buy reads it? That's exactly how you can structure your internet marketing plan. There's an awesome free tool (as well as some other services internet marketing agencies use) to find out the commercial intent of a given search term. Check out MSN Adlabs Commercial Intent tool. There you can input a keyword and see where it falls on a scale of being a search by someone doing information gathering and someone ready to open up their wallet. By optimizing your internet marketing plan to focus on these higher commercial intent keywords and phrases, you will attract a pool of potential customers that will be much easier to convert.

What does it mean when internet marketers talk about online 'properties' and 'real estate'?

Hear this loud and clear: Location, location, location. You know it's true off-line, you need to realize it's true online. Online 'properties' (or 'real estate') are any piece of content, which you own the rights to, that you can use to brand your business. It's a fact; having a single website is simply not enough for your potential clients to notice you online. You learned about several options when you learned about ways to interact with your clients a couple of paragraphs up.

Remember when you used to play Monopoly? The best strategy was to buy up any property you landed on. The same is true for you internet marketing plan; get as many properties out there pointing to you and your business whether they're 'Baltic' or 'Boardwalk'.

Now you know how to get started with online marketing. Take action now and don't wait. Start a real internet marketing campaign today and beat your competition.

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