Internet Sales Funnel – What is the Big Deal?

Now the idea with a sales funnel is to introduce more and more advanced and valuable products, with a higher and higher price tag, as your subscribers and customers grow in trust and relationship with you.

As I have already written about, your sales funnel will start out with two products for your customers to buy, the 'free' entry giveaway and the paid entry level product. They 'buy' the 'free' item from you in sort of a barter – they 'sell' you their email address and name so that you can put it on your list and mail them. Next, they buy the paid entry level product from you. By the time they have done this, if both your free item and the paid entry level product are worth more than they paid for them (and the free item must have value), then they are hot prospects to buy additional products from you.

A note on this: It is critical that every product in your sales funnel, including the free item, be of utmost highest quality and value. People will judge the value of your future products by the value the receive from the free item or the paid entry level product. If you don't deliver quality and value in a $ 10 product, can you really be trusted to deliver value in a $ 50 product? In order to get backend and upsell additional sales, you must deliver consistently high-quality products.

So the idea with a sales funnel is to offer your subscriber the ability to receive additional value by continually purchasing additional and more advanced products from you; and you are charging more for each product, so the value to you goes up.

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